Guess what we had for breakfast this morning?  Pancakes!

We tried the Barefoot Contessa’s hearty grain pancakes and waffles mix.


We followed the instructions on the can, and then added two tablespoons of ground flax seed.


The pancake master at work.  Look at his skills!

As Chris flipped, I sipped on a cup of hot coffee.


 Can you guess whose syrup is whose?



Chris, being from New Hampshire, only uses real maple syrup.  I personally think it’s a bit too sweet, so I always opt to go with some trusty Aunt Jemima – the syrup I grew up with.

I also cut up a peach for toppings.  Normally we would use strawberries and/or blueberries but with finished them all yesterday.


Looks good, huh?

We opted to eat outside on the porch since it was a nice cool morning (for once!)


Can’t wait to dig in!  Nylah looks excited too.

I think the pups were hoping for some scraps :)  Note- the cute yellow lab, Sammy, belongs to friends of ours, and we are watching her a few days.


The rule in our house is whoever cooks, doesn’t have to clean.  So guess who’s on kitchen duty?  Moi.

Next up: Cleaning (the entire apartment) & Running!