Well, ok, not really shrimp on the barbie.  It was shrimp in a frying pan.  Just reminising about my Australia days :)

We started thinking about dinner around 7pm. Before I began cooking, I poured myself a glass of Oyster Bay savignon blanc.  Oyster Bay is one of our favorites!


I decided to try out a vokda sauce from Harris Teeter tonight.  I normally don’t use creamy sauces because they tend to be heavier then red sauces, but this was on sale.  Plus I always like variety.


I thawed some frozen shrimp


And chopped up some squash and onions (about a cup each).  We have tons of squash and onions thanks to our weekly produce delivery from Bella Bean Organics.



Then I sauteed the veggies for a few minutes in 1 tbsp of EVOO and some chopped garlic.


I also decided to throw in a handful spinach because we need to use it before it goes bad (but forgot to take a pic)!

While the veggies were sauteeing, I made some whole wheat pasta.


Aside from a dash 0f salt & pepper, I added a few shakes of red pepper flakes.  Everything is better spicy :)

After a sprinkle of paremsan, here is the final product…


I also poured myself another glass of wine.  Yum.


Going to take it easy tonight and watch Wanted on On Demand – have you seen it before?