Whatever you put in it, is what you get out of it.

I could eat cereal every morning for the rest of my life.  Seriously.  But I don’t get very excited about a plain bowl of cereal without any added goodies (i.e, fruit).  The mornings we are out of fruit toppings make for a bad start to the day.

Good thing we have plenty of fruit right now!


This morning I had a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat (~1.25 cups) with a handful of blueberries, one strawberry, a spoonful of ground flax seed, and milk.  Our house is full of Kashi cereals :)


What do I look for when choosing a box of cereal?

  • At least 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • Whole grain, or whole wheat as the first ingredient
  • Somewhere between 5-10 grams of sugar (if the cereal has dried fruit the sugar content is higher)

What are some of my favorites cereals?

  • Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus
  • Kashi Buiscuit cereals (Autumn Wheat, Island Vanilla, Cinnamon Harvest)
  • Wheat Chex
  • Grape Nuts

Here is my travel coffee mug that I bring with me to work on most days.  It’s takes me about two hours to finish this – no lie.  I drink coffee reeeallly slow.


Oh, and, I didn’t make it to the gym this morning :(  I had a hard time falling asleep last night and couldn’t bear to peel my head away from the pillow.  So I’ll have to fit in some sort of exercise tonight.

Have a great morning!