Following a successful trip to Trader Joe’s, Chris and I cut up some fruit for the sangria.  In the mix was:

  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • pineapple
  • clementines

We cheated and used a pre-made sangria mix from World Market, and two buck chuck Cabernet Savignon – no judging please :) 

charles shaw

sangria mix

It turned out delicious!


All that chopping made me a little hungry, so I snacked on a few peanut butter pretzels before our BBQ .  I got a tub of these from World Market yesterday (normally I get them from TJ’s but I couldn’t resist the tub).


This is about one serving size.  If I don’t put them on a plate or in a bowl I end up eating about 4 servings!

Our friends Mike & Beth (Beth is a Duke MBA student as well) invited us over for a doggie playdate.  They just rescued a pup as well- named Milo.


It was nearly impossible to get a pic of Milo without Nylah in the way…she’s such a ham!

Upon arrival at Mike & Beths’, we caught a whiff of chocolate – mmmm….  Mike was in the midst of making chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!  They are the best hosts ever.  Ever.


Before dinner, we chatted for a bit over sangria and chips & salsa.



I had somewhere between 8-10 chips and salsa, and two glasses of sangria.

Nylah and Milo became fast friends!


Milo could definitely hold his own!


Small dog, big ambitions.

Check out what Mike was grilling for us!


Yummy asparagus, and chicken wrapped with prosciutto, provolone, and basil.  Best hosts – remember?

And the results…ta-da!


Our other friends Michelle & Kevin were also there and brought a delicious coleslaw that had mangoes in it! 


My plate.  I polished off everything – it was pretty easy to.

The crew!194

I think we waited about 5 minutes before digging into the chocolate covered strawberries.


Chris and I brought some ginger snaps – I had two more in addition to the two above. 

And I got thirsty again :)


Next up?  Trivial Pursuit!  I love board games, and am a teensy bit competitive – ok, maybe a little more than a teensy bit.


Chris and I came in last :(  Boo.  We totally got screwed when it came to the questions for a wedge.

I guess Mike and Beth got a bit bored and decided to torture poor Milo.  It was kinda funny :)


Thanks so much for having us over guys! It is definitely our turn to host next time.

We ate dinner pretty early, so we decided to snack on a bowl of popcorn before bed.  We added a sprinkle of garlic powder to it.


Am going to get ready for bed in a few minutes.  My hope is to get up early and go to the gym before work.  We’ll see…