Did you know that it is illegal for Indian women to find out the sex of their baby before they give birth? Me neither!  Continue reading and you’ll learn more!

What a great dinner experience we had tonight!  Chris’s classmate, Bhavna, who is from New Dehli, invited us over for some authentic Indian cuisine!  We had two different kinds of curries and some rice.


The curries were cauliflower & onions, and lentils, both topped with coriander.  Lentils are very nutritious and have a ton of protein!

My portion:


I also added a dollop of plain yogurt to cut the spice, if needed.  I thought both dishes had the perfect amount of heat, but I still mixed in some of the yogurt.

And rainbow sorbet for dessert!  Not very Indian, but a great end to the meal :)


Bhavna’s new roommate, and her rommate’s friend joined us for dinner tonight, and all three represented different parts of India – North, Central, and South.

It was so fun to chat with all of them and learn more about the culture in India.  I felt like all I kept saying was “really!?”, and “wow!”

Here are some interesting facts that were discussed:

  • In regards to my question at the top of the post-  We were told that in Indian culture, there is a  preference for boys over girls because girls require a big wedding and a dowry.
  • The food in Northern India is completely different than the food in Southern India.  Apparently as different as Italian & Chinese!
  • If you grow up in Southern India, you eat with your hands.
  • Arranged marriages continue to be very prevelant in India, and you can only marry somone who is in the same social class as you.
  • PDA is considered very in appropriate in all of India.  In fact, and Indian celebrity got sued for kissing Richard Gere in public!

Odd facts, I know.  There was as lot more discussed but I couldn’t include it all!

Before dinner, Chris and I went for a run around our neighborhood.  Our very, very, hilly neighborhod, which normally I have no problem running.  But today, it was very, very, hot!  And, my soreness from yesterday kicked in about a half hour before our run.  Actually, I am embarrassed to admit that my arms are sore from all my jumping jacks yesterday!  So sad, I know.  My toes are sore too because I wasn’t wearing sneakers :)  Back to the run – so we planned on running ~4.3 miles, but with one mile left, I had to start walking, and caught my breath for a half a mile.  Then I jogged (closer to a jaunt maybe?) the remaining half a mile.  What normally takes me somwhere between 38-39 minutes took me 44.  Oh well, some workouts are better than others, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.  And boy did I learn my lesson – get your lazy bum out of bed in the morning so you don’t have to deal with running in the heat!

My legs need a rest though (from all those squats & lunges!), so maybe Thursday I’ll get up?

Goodnight y’all!