There was no need for a snack before lunch, so I am going to hold onto my banana for later this afternoon.

What to have for lunch today? Leftovers from last night’s dinner of course!  It’s always nice to enjoy things a second time around.

I opted  to make a salad.


In addition to the leftover chicken & taters, I chopped up 1/2 a red pepper, and added some romaine lettuce and feta.  This feta is hands down the best feta I have ever tasted – it is so fresh and creamy!  It came in our weekly produce delivery from Bella Bean, and is from Hillsborough Cheese Co.  I ‘ve also tried goat cheese from there as well and it is equally as delicious.  I highly recommend both Bella Bean Organics, and Hillsborough Cheese Co.

I also splashed some olive oil and balasmic vinegar on for some dressing.

I was in the mood for something sweet to drink, so I made myself a nice cool glass of Country Time lemonade.


As I am looking at this picture I am wondering what is missing??  Oh, I realize now what it is.  I forgot to put avacado on top!  Oh man, that would have definitely improved the salad.

Just as I was about to eat my first fork ful, I realized we had sweet potato chips!


I helped myself to a handful.

Ready to take my first bite again… no wait!  We have pineapple too!


Finally my lunch is complete :)  It was definitely worth the wait!

Dinner tonight is going to be a special one!  Check back later!