No cereal for me this morning!  I changed it up and went for some vanilla yogurt.


Note-  that is a quart of yogurt.

While  I love Dannon’s Light & Fit yogurt, I am aware that Greek yogurt is actually better for you as it has less sugar and more protein (but keep in mind that regular yogurt does have a lot of nutritional benefits!)

I have tried two 100% natural Greek yogurts:

  • Fage ( I would say this is the best known Greek brand)
  • Oiko’s vanilla (Stonyfield’s organic brand)

To be hoenst, I don’t really like Fage as I am not a huge fan of plain yogurt, and it’s really thick and tastes a little sour to me.  I did, however, really like the vanilla Oiko’s!  It is more creamy and sweet.  Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow me to purchase it unless it’s on sale!  Which is not that often… and I am curious to try the other Oiko’s flavors.

Back to my breakfast.

I love almonds in my yogurt, but only when they’re sliced or ground.  I only had whole almonds (raw, unsalted), so I threw a few in the food processor and ground them for a few seconds!


These also make for a great ice cream or salad topping!

I also added a tbsp of wheat germ, and a few blueberries and strawberries.


I didn’t think the bowl of yogurt would satisfy me, so I toasted a small whole wheat bun (they came in our Bella Bean order yesterday) and spread a some almond butter on top.


I used Trader’s Joe’s creamy, unsalted almond butter


You need to stir it up for a few minutes, but it is delicious.  The only other almond butter I’ve tried is Mara Natha – it is less thick, and the oil is already stirred in.

And here’s my breakfast.


I forgot my coffee this morning!  But Chris was nice enough to put it in the fridge and maybe I’ll have some iced coffee this afternoon.

Busy, busy, day ahead!