We did end up going to listen to our friends band, Bull City, last night and it was a good time.  It was a later night than usual, but was worth it!  We decided to go out for dinner because I didn’t really feel like cooking and getting the kitchen messy.  I have two friends from high school coming for the weekend so I wanted to make sure our apt. was in order :)

We went to Dains,  one of our favorite local pubs and a place we frequent often during the school year.  It’s pretty empty during the summer since most students are out of town, but it’s normally packed on Friday’s & Saturday’s.  I love the atmosphere and there is always a wide variety of beers to choose from.

I chose a local brew for my first one.


The Belgian White Ale from Triangle Brewing Company.  The White Ale is an unfiltered wheat beer and the brewery’s summer seasonal option.  Wheat beers are my favorite!

Chris went with the Scrimshaw Pilsner.


I tried a sip and was pleasantly surprised!  It was very crisp with subtle hops.

My second beer took me back to my roots.  Yuengling!


Did you know that Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery?

For my meal I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, onions, and gaucamole (which was really just mushed up avacado).  And I substituted my chips for tater tots.   Best tater tots ever!  Seriously.IMG_0680

And just as I was about to take a bite, I realized that my chicken was, hmmm,  brown?  Wait a sec, that’s a hamburger between my bun!  Ahhhh!  Oh no they didn’t! One of the only foods I do not like is ground meat.  The taste, the consistency –  something about it just doesn’t appeal to me.  Although I will eat ground turkey.   I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense!

Somehow Chris got my chicken and I got his burger, so we just switched. Thankfully we like similar toppings!  We ended up splitting the tater tots and took his bag of chips with us for later.

Once we got to the bar where Bull City was playing, I debated about whether or not to get another beer because I was feeling a bit full, but then thought – Ah, what the heck, I don’t go out that often anymore!

I chose a different Triangle Brewery beer – the Golden Ale.


The Golden Ale is lightly filtered and is brewed year-round.  Great beer.

And there’s  Jim rocking it out!


I can’t wait to go see them again!  It was a fun night.


I went back to the usual for breakfast this morning and had a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat.


For toppings, I sliced a  nectarine and added a few blueberries.  I also added some flax seed, of course.


And an iced-coffee to go!


I am ready for the day to be over so I can go pick up my friends from the airport!