A little behind here…  Here’s a weekend recap beginning with breakfast Saturday morning.

We wanted something that was quick and easy for breakfast because we had a morning walk planned and it was getting hotter by the minute.

Our cereal selection.


We are big fans of Kashi cereals because they don’t have any additives, preservatives, or highly refined sugars.

Here was the selection of fruit toppings.


Nectarines, blueberries, and strawberries.

I had to go with all three options.


And some milk.


I switched over from regular milk to organic milk about a year ago.  This is one grocery item that I will definitely pay the extra cost for the organic option.

What are some of the benefits of organic milk?

  • Has a longer shelf life because milk is ultra-pasteurized.
  • The cows that produce the milk eat food that is pesticide free and 100% organic.  No artificial growth hormones or antibiotics allowed.
  • Has higher levels of Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  • Purchasing organic milk is an investment in earth-friendly organic agriculture.

I also had a silly cup of joe, but only finished 3/4 of it, per usual.


After a nice, brisk 3 mile walk around the trail we came to the conclusion that since Lauren and Liz have both been to Duke for lacrosse games before they didn’t need the Big Red Bus tour around Durham.  So what did we do?  We cooled off at the pool!

We made a quick stop at Harris Teeter to buy some deli sandwiches for lunch.


I got a whole wheat wrap with:

  • Turkey
  • Some sort of spicy aioli
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoe
  • Banana peppers
  • Jalapenos
  • Pickles

I also drank a refreshing pomegranate red tea with goji berry by Honest Tea.  It was the first time I had tried Honest Ttea and I would definitely get it again.

And I added a handful of Cape Cod potato chips!

A few hours after lunch, I snacked on a clementine for a nice boost of Vitamin C.


We spent the afternoon relaxing, catching up, and enjoying the sweltering beautiful weather at the pool.


Bathing beauties :) We didn’t last in the chairs too long – you needed at least one body part in the pool to be able to stand the heat!

Cocktail hour began around 5pm, and I sipped on a margarita as I got cleaned up for dinner.


Please note that this glass is small.  Maybe 6 ounces?  Iprefer margaritas in small doses, as they can sometimes be too sweet for my liking.

It got considerably cooler as the sun began to set, so we made our way to downtown Durham to get a drink outside before dinner. 


Here we are at Alivia’s, a European-style bistro on Main Street with outdoor seating aplenty.

My first beverage – a Sam Adams Summer Ale. 


The Summer Ale, a wheat beer, is my favorite Sam Adams seasonal ale.  Perfect for a warm summer evening.

We nursed our drinks for about an hour, then made our way to one of my favorite Durham restaurants!


Watt’s Grocery only uses locally grown foods that are in season.  The food is amazingly fresh and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

And their sangria is out of this world.  It was made with red wine, orange and pineapple juices, Brandy, Myer’s rum, and fresh fruit.


Somehow this lasted me the whole dinner.  I think because I was chatting too much?

Below are three different appetizers were ordered to share.


The local cheese plate with spiced pecans and summer compote, a crab cake over white corn and tomato salad, and hush puppies, a southern favorite.  The hush puppies came with a yummy basil mayo dipping sauce.

I had originally planned on getting the buttermik fried chicken with smashed new potatoes and sauteed green beans, but when I heard the vegetable plate special was a veggie crepe, I immediately changed my mind.  I love crepes!  No matter what’s in them.


I know there was definitely squash and okra in there, but I forget what else.  And it came with a summer tomato salad.

I also had a few bites of Chris’s New York strip steak.


And I couldn’t resist a bite of Kate’s buttermilk fried chicken!


Dessert was by far the toughest decision as there were so many delicious options.

We chose three for the table.


We ordered:

  • Peach upside down cake with rose geranium ice cream and brown sugar sauce.
  • Blueberry cobbler with sweet biscuit crust and lemon icre cream.
  • Vanilla bean cheesecake with summer cherry compote and and almond crust.

All three were heavenly.

On a side note, over dessert we had a lengthy discussion of how one pronounces Merry and Mary.  Us born and bred Philadelphians can easily hear the distinction between the two, while Kate and Chris pronounce both the same way and cannot distinguish the two.  We argued for a few minutes over which way was “right”, and eventually ended up all putting our hands over our eyes (laughing hysterically) while we listened to each other pronounce the two names – I can’t even imagine what the waiter thought we were doing??  You may have needed to be there to see the humor in this.

Can anyone else pick up the distinction between Merry and Mary? 

It was pretty late when we got home, but we managed to squeeze in a few Guitar Hero songs before bed :)  I think Liz is hooked now.


Onto Sunday now!

We all woke up with the desire to go out to breakfast (except for Chris, who was playing soccer).  I didn’t have to think twice about where we would go.  Elmo’s Diner!

Elmo’s serves breakfast all day long.  I love these kind of places.

I was in the mood for pancakes and eggs, so I got exactly that with a side of turkey sausage.


I had to make sure I got a serving of fruit in, so I opted for the blueberry pancakes.

And I normally like my eggs scrambled.


I only managed to eat one of the pancakes, and brought the other one home for Chris.

We thought it would be a good idea to walk off breakfast and check out the Duke bookstore but it was closed.  Go figure.

So we made our way to the Duke Chapel. You cannot visit Duke without seeing the Chapel.


Mass had not yet begun, so we were lukcy to get a peek inside.

Did you know that the Chapel was constructed in 1935 and cost $2.3 million?  That was a lot of money back then!


I’ve seen it dozens of time before, but am still in awe of the beauty of it.

Thanks so much for visiting girls!


Um, Liz, are you on your tippy toes trying to make yourself look taller?  Busted :)

After I dropped my friends off at the aiport, I was hungry for a snack.  Because we had a large breakfast so late in the morning, I didn’t exactly want lunch.  So Chris made a smoothie with a frozen banana, and frozen blueberries and  mango chunks.


I also cut up some cucumber to dip in hummus, and I have always been  hooked on peanut butter pretzels.


One of the reasons I eat hummus so often is because it is high in protein and fiber, iron and Vitamin C.

Two hours later I had a clementine, and a small handful of plain popcorn sprinkled with cayenne pepper and garlic powder.


Popcorn is not a bad snack option because it is high in fiber, and low in calories and fat.  Just don’t add a ton of butter! And if you don’t add salt, it’s also low in sodium.  We usually buy the Orville Redenbacher 100 calorie Smart Pop packs.  There are two of these in the bowl.

Phew, that was a lot of info in one post.

Tonight’s dinner may be Asian-style shrimp, but you’ll have to check back tomorrow to find out!