Preparing lunch took a total of 3 minutes today.  Really.  I timed it.

That’s the beauty of leftovers!  I had enough chickpea salad leftover from Monday to use for both Chris and myself.  And I couldn’t wait to try this cheese that we got yesterday!


Doesn’t that just sound delicious? Last week I mentioned that the feta cheese from Hillsborough Cheese Co. was amazing, and after tasting the jalapeno goat cheese, the feta may have play second fiddle.  I guess it all depends on what mood I’m in though.  Salty or spicy?

I created a bed of spinach, scooped the chickpeas on top, and scattered some of the Hoppin’ Jalapeno Chevre on (which definitely had a kick!).


Spinach is packed with tons of nutrients and is an excellent source of fiber, iron, calcium and vitamins. I typically use spinach as my salad base because of its health benefits, but some times I prefer romaine because of its crunch.


Although you can’t really tell, there was plenty of dressing from the chickpea salad, so there was no need to add anymore.

In addition to the chickpeas, I had one half of a whole wheat roll for some carbs.


With some blackberry jam spread on top.

Then I remembered that I didn’t have any fruit with breakfast, so I added some watermelon!


That’s exactly what I needed to complete my meal.


Tonight will be low key, and I have not yet begun to formulate our dinner menu yet.

I hope to take some time to read and catch up with friends on Skype!