For the second time in 24 years, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp went on the road again for a concert tour.  Where was the 18th stop on the list?  The Durham Bulls Ballpark in Durham, NC of course!


It just so happens that my office building balcony overlooks the ballpark, so I got to watch for free and bring guests! 


As you can see, the balcony faced the back of the stage, so our view was poor, and the sound was pretty muffled.  But we did get a glimpse of two of the performers as they headed to the stage!


Willie gave us balcony viewers a special little wave. 

And there’s John Mellencamp!


I was really hoping John would play Jack & Diane – but nope. 

For dinner, we ordered take out pizza to enjoy during the opening band.


Mellow Mushroom has such good pizza!  If you are ever in the south, go here!

For the purpose of keeping things simple, and to prevent any disagreements, we ordered 1 plain and 1 pepperoni.

I had a slice of each.


A salad would have balanced the meal out nicely.  Next time.

And what’s pizza without a cool, refreshing beer?


I had two Wailua Wheat’s with my two slices of pizza.  We first tried this kind of beer when were were in Hawaii last year, and were so excited to find it in the stores down here!

I did also have a glass of wine at the end of the night as well – almost 3 hours after my beers.

My guests (and me)!  In addition to Chris who was taking the picture :)


The heat was brutal!  Hence why we look like Mr. Clean paid us a visit.

Anyone beginning to wonder why it’s always Chris and the ladies?  Most of the business school students are completing their summer internships in other cities right now and us wives stick around to continue making $$.  Chris was lucky enough to get a local internship, so he’s been spending a lot of time with us girls :)

We didn’t stick around for Bob Dylan because we figured there was no chance we’d be able to understand what he was singing.

Free concerts are fun!


Free sample muffins in your produce delivery are fun too!


Our Bella Bean order arrived yesterday, and I was excited to try a sample of these complimentary organic muffins.

I took Kath’s genius idea, and decided to crumble one into my steel cut oats this morning.  I’m pretty sure the muffin was apple & cinnamon.


I had a 1/2 cup of steel cut oats leftover from the other morning.  Even though I thought 1/2 cup was too much last time, I was pretty hungry because I went for a run this morning.  I also added flax and ground almonds.

I aim to include a balance of carbs, protein, and fat in each of my meals.  How did I do it this morning?

  • Steel cut oats= protein & carbs
  • Ground almonds = fat (the good kind!) & protein
  • Muffin= carbs & fat (the not as good kind, but is ok in moderation)


It was a nice change from my bowl of cereal!

As I mentioned, I did get up to workout this morning.  I had planned on going to the gym and doing the elliptical, but once I learned the AC was still not working, I nixed that idea and went for a run outside.  Because I hadn’t planned on running, I did not have a watch, nor did I look at what time it was when I left our apt.  Typically I need have a watch when I run.  I get competitive with myself :)  But I must say that I really enjoyed running without one this morning.  There was no pressure because I had no idea what my pace was!  I may run without a watch more often now.

Once I arrived back at our apt., I did some alternating exercises on the Bosu Ball.  I did the following in order:

  • Reverse lunges – 10x, 3 sets
  • One leg bridge butt lifts – 10x on each leg, 3 sets
  • Bicycle sit-ups – 25x, 3 sets
  • Leg abduction – 15x on each leg, 3 sets

I prefer to alternate my strength training exercises without breaks to make my workout more efficient.  For example, if I waited to complete all the lunges before moving onto the next exercise, it would have taken twice as long because I would have needed to rest between each set.

I feel so much better when I workout in the morning!

Had a good day!