Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a running injury.  Oh, right, you guys can’t see me.  My hand is raised!

I suffered from an IT band injury a little over two years ago that prevented me from running for months, and required several trips to a physical therapist.  I have been running with caution since, and aside from one half marathon this past March, my weekly mileage has decreased significantly since before my injury.

Aside from a little tightness here and there, I have been pain free for two years.  Until today.

According to Gmaps Pedometer, I ran 4.3 miles this morning.  About halfway through my run, I started to feel a twinge of pain on the outside of my knee, which slowly rose to the outside of my hip.  I slowed down my pace, which didn’t help, and then remembered a book called Chi Running that I read a few years ago at the onset of my injury.

chi running

The Chi Running technique focuses on how to improve your running form by using your core muscles and integrating mind and body to prevent injury.  It combines relaxation with biomechanically correct running form.

I tried hard to recall all of the good tips in the book, and tried relaxing my shoulers, tucking my tail bone in, and focusing  on my core.  After a few strides, the pain had subsided, but was not gone completely.

Since it’s been over two years since I read the book, I think it’s time for me to reread it, and refresh my memory of how to incorporate the Chi Running technique during my runs.

I highly recommend this book if you suffer from nagging running injuries!

While I was not a happy camper that my IT band was acting up, I perked up when I got home and remembered I was having granola again for breakfast!

Only this time I used milk instead of yogurt.


And I added blueberries & cherries instead of strawberries.


Today I could definitely taste the hazelnuts.  The flavor was really powerful and I’m not sure I liked it as much?  Or maybe I just liked it better with yogurt?


I will try it with yogurt again next time and report back :)

I’m happy that Friday is here!  This weekend is new student orientation for Fuqua, which means it’s also orientation for the new Fuqua Partners (aka the wives/significant others of the students) .  So I will be busy answering a ton of questions about what it was like with Chris being so busy with school work last year and how I managed to keep myself busy.  Wow, it seems like just yesterday that I was in their shoes :)

I’m looking forward to meeting them all.  It should be fun!