Rain, rain, go away… I guess we are in need of some rain though. And sometimes I look forward to a rainy Sunday! I feel less pressure to get a ton of things done, and don’t feel guilty curling up on the couch for hours. Everyone is entitled to some rainy day laziness once in a while.  Don’t you agree?

What’s better on a rainy morning that a hot cup of coffee?


Life is good.

And because I have brunch plans with the ladies, I kept breakfast light with a bowl of cereal.


Kashi Island Vanilla with blueberries and flax.

I am one of those people that has to eat something when I wake up.  Or at least within an hour of when I wake up.  Otherwise I start to get feisty.  Me and hungry don’t mix.


Now let’s rewind to yesterday afternoon….

About two hours after my smoothie, my stomach began to rumble so I whipped up a chicken sandwich.


I used the remainder of the leftover chicken, and added:

  • Dijon mustard
  • Frank’s
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes

If I had cheese I would have grilled it for sure.

Because dinner wasn’t too far away, I didn’t have any sides (chips, fruit, etc.)


And now I am officially out of lunch foods.  Guess there is a grocery store trip in the near future.

I knew there was going to be a lot of over indulgence last night so I  made it a point to get a walk in and took Nylah to the trail for a 2.25 mile stroll.  No running for me yet.

And now onto the FUN part!

Dinner was planned for all the Fuqua Partners at Piazza Italiana in Brightleaf Square.  I had been there once before and definitely enjoyed it. They have all different kinds of homemade pastas and a choice of 10 different sauces.

I had a little bit of everything throughout dinner.

A little bit of wine. 


Savignon blanc.

A little bit of bread.


With roasted garlic spread on.


A little bit of calamari.


A little bit of bruschetta.


And a more than a little bit of eggplant parm.


I ate all of the eggplant and 3/4 of the pasta.  I can’t wait to go back!

After dinner we were supposed to christen the flip cup/beer pong table at Anna & Alex’s, but somehow we never got around to it.


Instead we played a game that looked like this.


It was a fun night.  I can’t believe we only have a couple months left together!


Am off to brunch now!

Happy Sunday!