I forget to mention this morning that I saw a segment on the Today Show highlighting a bookd titled “Eat This, Not That!” by David Zinczenko. It’s about making smart, healthy choices when you’re dining out. 

eat this not hat

I have never been a fan of, or paid attention to any diet books before.  But after seeing all of the real life comparisons on the Today Show, I think there may be a  few savvy tricks that could be learned from this book for those of you that may not have a lot of time to cook, and eat out often.   Did you know that a tuna melt from Quizno’s is 2,090 calories and has 175 grams of fat, which is equivalent to THREE foot long roast beef & cheese subs from Subway?? Wowzers.  Another reason why I like to make my own lunch at home.

One other good point that was made is that “Low Fat” isn’t always the healthiest optionLow Fat = high carbs and high sugar.  The fat needs to be replaced with something! 

I always prefer the real thing in moderation, which almost always tastes better (I think).  For example, low fat dressing?  Not a fan.  I often make my own dressing because I know it is healthier.

So who wants to know what I had for lunch? (I can just hear all the me, me, me, me, mees!)

Last night I bought a rotisserie chicken for $3 (what a steal!) and put together some homemade chicken salad.


And I used a new special ingredient!


Wasabi horseradish .. mmm….  I have never been a fan of mayonnaise. 

I also mixed in:

  • chopped celery
  • chopped scallions
  • Dijon mustard
  • Dash of S & P

I had my chicken salad on a Flat Out wrap.


I sliced some tomato and cucmber to put on top.

All wrapped up and ready for consumption.



As a side I had Dannon Light & Fit Cherry Vanilla yogurt.


 With beacoup de extra cherries on top :)


 And I have some grapes and almonds for snacking today.

I am curious to know if anyone has seen, read, or browsed, “Eat This, Not That!”?