Sometimes I feel like my entire body is filled with Rice Krispies.  Every time I get up from a seated or supine position, my body snaps, crackles, and pops in about 10 different places!  No joke.  It sounds like I’m eighty years old.  In fact, I’ve already had surgery on one of my hips!

The loud “POP” I heard as I got up from my chair to head home for lunch was frightening, and left me limping to my car.  Perhaps an orthopedist visit needs to be scheduled in the near future?

Enough about my old-timer injuries… Let’s move on to lunch!

I definitely had to scrounge around the fridge to come up with something today.  We have at ton of raw veggies, so I decided to throw them together and make a sandwich.


With some Laughing Cow cheese!

I spread two cheese wedges onto some sunflower toast.  And then began layering my vegetables.


What’s on there?

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Green pepper
  • Banana peppers
  • Dash of S & P


At first  I was going to put the two pieces of bread together, but decided to eat them separately.

And as a side I had a handful of All-Bran crackers and the last of our hummus.


Lots of colors!


As I was eating I decided it wouldn’t hurt to ice the outside of my hip, where I have the most pain :)



On another note, my friend & former half marathon training partner, Jen, sent me an interesting article from today about post workout recovery tips.  It has great advice about how to best recover from a long run, and talks about the importance or refueling your body with carbs & protein.

How soon after your long run do you eat, and what foods do you usually choose?