I need your help, I need your help, I need your help!

I am going to register my own domain name, but http://www.eatwhatyoulike.com is already registered.  BOO.  I still have a couple options though, which is where I need your help.

Option #1

Register as http://www.eatwhatyoulikeblog.com

 Option #2

Register as http://www.eatwhatulike.com – which would mean I would change the name of my blog to “Eat What U Like, Like What U Eat”

 Option #3

Register as http://www.eatwhatulike.com and keep original blog name

 Options #4 & #5

http://www.eatwhatyoulike. net OR http://www.eatwhatyoulike.org

Please vote below.  Thank you!