Did you VOTE yet? It’s a tie right now and I need someone to break it!


I woke up this morning to find my mom making pancakes for us!


She insisted that she be featured on the blog this morning :)

She used Hodgson Mill’s whole wheat pancake mix.


I liked it, but thought the Barefoot Contessa’s hearty whole grain mix was better.

Since we didn’t have any fresh berries in the fridge, she use frozen mixed berries and microwaved them.


I wish my mom could cook me breakfast every day :)


The juice from the berries made for an excellent syrup.


So no Aunt Jemima was needed!


I really enjoyed the warm berries on top.  You should try it.

Thanks for helping out with  breakfast Mom! 

As I mentioned last night, I have a half day of work today and then we hit the road for Athens Georgia!

I brought a Stonyfield yogurt with me for a mid-afternoon snack because I have a meeting from 11:3-1:00pm and don’t want my stomach to be growling the whole time.  Seriously, who schedules meetings over lunch??


I meant to bring some cherries to add in as well but forgot.  Dang it.


Before I go, I wanted to share this very interesting article with you from the NY Times Well blog.  Those of you who think knee problems are directly related to running are going to find it particularly interesting.


Apparently, despite the popular myth, runners are not prone to degenerating knees.   Not only that, but recent evidence suggests that  running is actually good for your knees and may shield against arthritis!

I found a similar article in Runner’s World that suggests the same thing.  If you’re a runner, you should check them out.

I myself always thought that running and pounding on the pavement did a number on your knees.

Have you encountered any knee problems from running?

To everyone that is going to the HLS in Boston this weekend, have a great time!