I’m excited to tell you that the bike to run transition went pretty well this evening!  My hip was a little stuck when I got off the bike, but after a couple minutes of wiggling around I was fine.  We ended up biking 6 miles and running 2 (very slow).  If I end up doing the triathlon this weekend I am going to need to borrow a road bike from someone as I only have a mountain bike.  I have until Wednesday to register so I’ll probably wait until the last second :)

Also, you know how I’ve been telling you guys that the pool at our apartment is 10-12 meters?  Well Chris measured it tonight and it’s actually 21!  Boy was I off!


So I decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen tonight.  We had some okra from our produce delivery and neither of us have had okra before!


I lost patience trying to figure out how to cook it on-line and just did my own thing.


I decided to chop up some veggies and throw together some pasta.  I figure that was easy enough.

We had squash.


And assorted peppers from my brother’s garden.



I sauted the okra, squash, and peppers (thrown in at the last minute) in garlic and evoo.

While the veggies were sauteing, I made a tomato sauce from the remainder of our tomatoes.


This was also an experiment as I have never made tomato sauce before!

I boiled the tomatoes for three minutes, and then peeled the skin off.

Then I tossed them into the food processor with some evoo,  garlic and salt.


And then I added about 2 tsp of half & half.  Why?  Not quite sure.  I guess I thought it would make it thicker?  Bad idea.

After I added the half & half, I was not thrilled with the look or color of the sauce, so I added a can of diced tomatoes.

Surprisingly, the dish turned out quite tasty!


We were out of parmesan, so I added a few bits of feta.


I actually couldn’t even really taste the okra.


But we still have plenty of it so I think I’m going to bread & fry some later on this week.

No surprise what I had for dessert :)


And this time I decided to crush the fruity pebbles!  I still have a ways to go before I finish the box, so get used to this :)

And NOW, what you’ve all been waiting for (ha, right!)…  Snack suggestion #6!  I am at 6, right?


Sliced cucumbers and one or two wedges of Laughing Cow cheese (I like the french onion kind, buy you may prefer Swiss).

Do you have any horror stories of experimenting in the kitchen?