Good morning!  Why do the weekends always seem to go by so fast?

I bid farwell to my parents this morning and dropped them off at the aiport on my way to work.  Thanks for the visit Mom & Dad!

Of course I had to feed my belly before I dropped them off.  I tested out the vanilla granola I picked up at Earth Fare over the weekend.


I mixed it with Stonyfield cherry vanilla yogurt.


And added some chopped cherries!


I have to say that I liked this yogurt a lot better than the one from the Ninth Street Bakery (which I received in my produce delivery).  Mainly because I prefer vanilla over hazlenut I think.  I can’t wait for more!

On another note, are you always looking for reasons to focus on whole grains, healthy fats, and  fruits & veggies?  Check out this article from the NY Times Well Blog.

The article discusses how fatty foods have an immediate impact on short-term memory and exercise performance.  Click here to learn why.


Fatty Foods Affect Memory and Exercise

Fatty Foods Affect Memory and Exercise

Remember, fatty foods are ok in moderation (who doesn’t love a good burger and fries every once in a while??), but you should limit your intake of saturated fat. A consistent high fat diet will only lead to health problems in the long run. 

I have the Well Blog bookmarked on my computer, but somehow my brother always seems to send me links to interesting articles before I even get to check them, and I feel the need to give him credit today.  Thanks Jer!