I forgot to bring a mid-morning snack with me, and ate breakfast a half hour earlier than usual, so I was a little fiesty by the time I got home for lunch :)

I only had leftover lunchmeat that my parents bought last week, so my options were pretty limited.  I was hoping to make a grilled sandwich but quickly realized we didn’t have any cheese.  Bummer!

I was really excited about the bread I was going to use though!


Omega-3 seed bread from the Ninth Street Bakery. This came in my Bella Bean order last week!

I toasted the bread, then spread some feta cheese on one slice and added a few shakes of Frank’s.


And then I added:

  • Chicken breast
  • Banana peppers
  • Dash of pepper
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Tomatoes


I am such a sandwich-for-lunch person :) I love sandwiches!

I also opened a new bag of chips!


Along with a tbsp of hummus to dip them in.


Very garlicky hummus I might add :) 


I love food.

For excercise tonight, Chris and I are going to bike a few miles and then immediately run 2 miles.  I want to see if my hip/leg/IT band (still can’t figure out where the pain lies exactly) will hold up for the bike to run transition to see if maybe I can compete in a sprint triathlon this weekend :)  Wish me luck!

Have you ever competed in a triathlon?  Any tips?!?