I rushed home from work to get a quick 15 minute swim in.  I had to be quick because we had plans to climb to the top of the Duke Chapel! All 239 steps of it! 

This opportunity is only offered a couple times a year, and the Fuqua Partners were fortunate enough to have a special climb :)


The view was beautiful.  Of course I had to steady myself for a few minutes before I took any pictures because we climbed up tiny spiral staircase and I got a bit dizzy :)

Here’s the crew that braved the climb.


I actually found the way down to be more difficult!

Inside the Chapel was just as stunning as the views.


Because the climb overlapped somewhat with dinner, Chris and I decided to pick up some take out from Thai Cafe on the way home.  My favorite is the Drunken Noodles with chicken!


Chris always gets the pad thai.  I helped myself to a spoonful of his.


We haven’t had Thai food in ages so it was a nice treat!

A handful of Reeces Pieces for dessert was a nice treat too :)


And now I leave you with snack suggestion #7!


Three-quarters cup of shelled edamame.

Edamame is a great high fiber, high protein, and low fat snack!

Also, implementing changes to my blog has proven to be a lot more of a headache than I thought, so it may take a while! 

Hang tight! Good night! :)