I had another sandwich again for lunch today!  I just can’t seem to break my need-to-have-a-sandwich-for-lunch habit!  I’m pretty sure it’s because I grew up eating sandwiches every day of my life for lunch (not that that’s a bad thing mom!)

Starting next Monday I am going to go 7 dayswithout having a sandwich for lunch.  Think I can do it? :)

If I had any spinach or lettuce, I would have been inclined to make myself a salad, but all I had was bread and turkey.

But at least I try to spice up my sandwiches, right?  Maybe?

So to create my lovely sandwich, I toasted Omega-3 seed bread and added some wasabi horseradish!


Remember I used this stuff in my chicken salad a few weeks ago?  If you are sensitive to spicy, I would not recommend this.  It cleared my nostrils out in a matter of seconds!  Note to self – use less next time.

Here’s the makings of my sandwich:



  • 3 slices of turkey breast
  • Green pepper
  • Banana peppers
  • Tomato
  • FETA!


Sandwiched together!

And a side of Food Should Taste Good olive chips!


I ran out of hummus or else I would have had that as well.

After we had lunch Chris ran out to REI as I headed back to work.  He’s going to pick up some triathlon gear for us!  Since I couldn’t be there, I told him to just ask a woman sales rep what he should get :)  All I know is I need a full piece bating suit (I’ve been swimming laps in my bikini!) and padded shorts.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with :)