Good morning!

Last night I learned that riding a road bike is 100x easier than riding a mountain bike.  Why do I even own one?  I’ve only gone mountain biking once!  I think I’m going to sell it and then buy a road bike (or look for one on Craigslist).

Chris and  hit the American Tobacco Trail yesterday and road a smooth 10 miles.  It was SO much more enjoyable than our bike ride on Tuesday.  After our ride I ran two miles and Chris went off to play soccer. 

Oh, and Chris ended up doing a great job of picking out a bathing suit and bike shorts for me.  I was very impressed. Thanks Chris!  Can’t wait to test everything out!

As for dinenr last night, I am not quite sure where my pictures went,  but I guess you could say it looked something like this:


I had a 1 egg, 2 egg whites omelete with:

  • Green peppers
  • Banana peppers
  • Jalapenos
  • Sun gold tomatoes

And a side of Kashi Crackers and Laughing Cow cheese.

Once Chris got home from soccer we went to the local pub, Dains, for trivia night!  We both swore we were going to abstain from alcohol all week because of the triathlon, but both of us couldn’t help getting one beer to sip on :)


I got a Triangle Brewery Blegian White Ale.

Trivia night didn’t go exactly as planned.  We couldn’t even hear any of the questions!  So we just ended up chatting with friends.


And now onto this morning!

I mixed things up slightly this morning.  I wasn’t in the mood for cereal & milk, or granola & yogurt, so I had cereal & yogurt!


What is that??

It’s a mix of Kashi Autumn Wheat & Island Vanilla crushed by a meat pounder.  I decided I want to add crushed cereal to my yogurt :)


I used Stonyfield raspberry yogurt, and added sliced peaches to incorporate a serving of fruit.


I really enjoyed the mix of crunchy and creamy!


Good stuff.  I can’t wait to make it again.

Since I wasn’t able to share snack suggestion # 8 with you last night, you’ll find it below!


Melba Toast with cream cheese and cranberries.

Enjoy your day!