Chris and I successfully completed our first sprint triathlon!  I had so much fun and can’t wait to do another! 

We left our apartment at 6:45 this morning and walked out the door into a wall of humidity.  Sweet.  I guess I should be used it by now??  And the temperature on our car read 77 degrees.  We thought the forecast was for clouds and thunderstorms, which we were psyched about because we didn’t want to bike & run in the sun.  Of course when we showed up to the tri site it was bright and sunny – which made it feel that much hotter. 

Here I am getting my transition area ready.


I look like a big dork :)

And here’s my swim to bike and bike to run gear.


I swam in a full piece bathing suit, and pulled on a pair of running shorts for the bike & run.  I didn’t wear the padded bike shorts because it would have been too uncomfortable to run in them, and it’s not like the bike leg was that long.  I can deal with a sore bum for a day or two :)

After we finished getting our transition areas ready, we dug into some bagels with peanut butter.  We weren’t hungry enough to eat as soon as we got up, and wanted to fuel up closer to the start time, so we brought these with us.


And we split a banana 1/2 hour before the swim.

Speaking of the swim, I’m not sure I would do another sprint tri that involves swimming in a pool.  It was crowded, and hot, and no one had proper passing etiquette.  I had to barrel over people a couple of times :)

But aside from that, I loved it!  I don’t know what my official time and splits were.  But I believe I finished in 1 hour and 20 minutes, and if I had to guess, here’s what I think my splits were:

  • 400 meter swim – 7 min. 15 seconds
  • 12 mile bike – 46 min.
  • 5K – 26 min.

Chris started about two minutes behind me, and ended up catching up to me with one mile left in the run (if he was a stronger swimmer, he would have passed me on the bike). I told him to go ahead once he caught up with me, but he said he wanted to cross the finish line with me (sweet, huh?). Of course when we were 50 yards from the finish line, Mr. Competitive decided to take off so another guy wouldn’t beat him.  I tried to keep up but my legs just couldn’t do it!

We didn’t stick around for the awards ceremony because we wanted to treat ourselves to brunch.  Once we scrubbed our numbers off and cleaned up, we went to Elmo’s Diner.

One our way to breakfast, maybe an hour after the race, the sky looked like this.


I take back my complaining about the sun being out during our race!  I think I preferred that over the downpour we ran into 2 minutes after I took this picture and the constant thunder & lightning.

I had the hardest time deciding what to order for brunch.  I was hungry, but wasn’t really in the mood for anything – especially breakfast items.  I finally decided on a chicken cesear wrap.


Which came with fries.


And coleslaw.


The dressing came on the side, which I liked.  Usually chicken cesear wraps either have way too much, or way too little dressing.  Don’t you agree?


I ate everything except the coleslaw (have never been a fan of mayonnaise), and a couple of fries.


We also ordered two blueberry pancakes to go, which we are looking forward to later!

Now it’s time for a movie and a snooze :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!