Boy is this Sunday flying by!  I have been spending hours on the computer working on a BIG surprise I have for you tomorrow!

Remember those blueberry pancakes we brought home from Elmo’s after our brunch?  We dug into those around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon.


They were sooo good and were full of warm blueberries (after we heated them up in the oven)!


They were a great afternoon snack :)

We couldn’t figure out what to do for dinner, and neither of us were motivated to whip something up a home, so we got pizza!


Plain cheese with a stolen piece of Chris’s pepperoni.  The slice was enormous!

I also got a side Greek salad.


And to celebrate the completion of our first triathlon, we opened a bottle of cabernet savignon that my parents brought back from Italy for us.


Great job picking out a bottle of wine mom & dad!  It was delicious and so smooth.  I had one glass before we headed to the bowling alley to meet our friends Ashley & Matt.

They arrived before us and we caught them playing Duke Hunter!


Too funny.

And what’s bowling without beer?  We got a pitcher of bud light for the four of us.


The bar even provided frosted mugs!

We ended up bowling 3 and a half games, and had a little fun with the last one -everyone was required to bowl with their opposite hand.


My first left handed bowl I got a strike, and every frame after that I got a gutter ball.  No joke!  I was awful.

But I had fun!


And now onto breakfast and lunch today!

My arms were sore when I got up this morning, but I couldn’t figure out if it was because of bowling, or the tri? :)

For breakfast I made myself (and Chris) PB & J on awhole wheat bagel.



I used organic peanut butter from Earth Fare and Smucker’s blackberry jam.

And also had a  side of blueberries.


Breakfast hit the spot.


As did lunch!

After breakfast we picked up friends from the airport, and took Nylah for a 3 mile trail walk, and before we knew it we were hungry for lunch!

I had some leftover Greek salad and leftover chicken.


There wasn’t much salad leftover so I had to add some spinach, carrots, and green peppers.  And I used the dressing that it came with last night.

As a side I had some Kashi crackers and Laughing Cow cheese.


 I probably should have had a sandwich since my 7 day no sandwich challenge begins tomorrow! :)


So there ya go – three meals in one post!

I am off to the grocery store to try and figure out what I should have for lunch all week!