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I think a lot of people find themselves trying to remember which types of  fats are good fats, and what types of food contain good fats vs. bad fats.  Look no fruther! 

It is a common misconception that all fats are bad fats.  But a certain amount of fat in the diet is good and necessary to be healthy. Adults should get 20-35% of their calories from fat.  When choosing fats, your best options are unsaturated fats, which lower your risk of heart disease.  Be sure to limit your intake of saturated fats, and trans-fatty acids/hydrogenated fats.

 Types of Fats

 Unsaturated fats – polyunsaturated & monounsaturated – the GOOD kind (in moderation of course)!

  • Found mainly in fish, oils, nuts, and seeds.
  • Help lower cholesterol when you use them in place of saturated and trans fats.
  • My favorite unsaturated fats – peanut butter, avacado, olives, olive oil & almonds.

Omega-3 Fats – also a good kind!

  • Mostly found in fish (Salmon, tuna, trout) and some plant foods (tofu, flaxseed, canola oil).
  • Helps to prevent clogging your ateries.
  •  My favorite Omega-3 fats – Salmon & flaxseeds (I put some flax in my cereal every day because I don’t get enough otherwise).

Saturated fats – the not-as-good kind!

  • The main cause of high cholesterol!
  • Excess saturated fats increases your risk of heart disease.
  • Found mostly in meat, poultry and dairy.
  • My favorite saturated fats – cheese, eggs, chicken, ice cream.

Trans-fatty Acids and Hydropgenated Fats – the not-really-good-at-all kind!

  • Mainly found in processed foods, baked goods, and some fast foods.
  • These are not a natural fat, and are produced when liquid oil is made into a solid fat by a process called hydrogenation.
  • Can raise your cholesterol level.
  • Are listed on the food label to make them easy to identify.
  • My favorite trans fats – potato chips (a huge weakness!!), french fries & cookies.

To learn more detailed, scientific information about fats, click here


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