Does a wrap count as a sandwich??  It probably does, huh?

I braved the blistering heat and humidity and went home again for lunch today.  Even though I’m only outside for probably 15 minutes total (if you include Nylah’s walk) , it’s such a shock to the system when you go from freezing AC to temps that feel like 100!

I was out of bread, so for lunch I made a Flat Out wrap with:

  • Turkey
  • Avocado
  • Mozzarella
  • Spinach
  • Dijon mustard


Mmmm… mozzarella.


I used avocado to include a healthy fat – and also because I love the taste!


I was starving when I got home so this was gone in about 5 seconds.

It took me about 10 seconds to finish this.


Carrots and hummus.

And 10 more seconds to finish these.


A handful of Kashi crackers.


And then I had a stomach ache because I ate too fast.  Typical.

I brought a banana and some fruit leather with me as an afternoon snack, and tonight we are going to load up on carbs!

See ya!


No cereal for me this morning!   And no gym either.  I was wiped when the alarm went off, so I went back to sleep for an hour.  I may try to fit some laps into my schedule tonight.

I was in the mood for scrambled eggs this morning, and two Flat Out wraps were staring me in the face when I opened the fridge, so I decided to make a scramble egg wrap!

I whisked together 1 egg and 2 egg whites and a tbsp of milk.  While the eggs were cooking,  I melted a slice of pepper jack cheese under the broiler.


I love the addition of cheese to scrambled eggs :)

I also added a handful of spinach.


Plus a dash of S & P and a few shakes of Tabasco.



I also had a bowl of blueberries to get a serving of fruit in.


What nice protein and fiber filled breakfast.

As I was pouring the milk into the eggs this morning, I had a little brain lapse and couldn’t remember why I always add a dash of milk to my eggs.  A split second later I realized it was because the milk makes them more fluffy!  At least I always thought it did?

Do you add milk to your eggs?